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Welcome! My name is Orsi, head therapist and co-founder of ORSKIN AESTHETICS AND FITNESS and licensed aesthetician from Hungary with more than 18 years’ experience in beauty, facial care, and anti-aging.

My goal is to provide premium skin care services using the latest techniques and advanced technologies to deliver targeted anti-aging while boosting the health and radiance of your largest organ, your skin!

In 2002, I formally graduated as an aesthetician in Budapest, a city where beauty, health and wellness standards in education are high. After years of cultivating my craft and forming the foundations of my knowledge in respected European traditions, I moved to Dubai and began my experience at various medical clinics working alongside with leading dermatologists in the region. Fortified by this knowledge and experience yet hungry for more, I traveled around the world in order to enrich my knowledge and discover new technologies in skin care.

After undergoing an extensive training program at the Neurotris headquarters in Los Angeles California, I quickly became a pioneer in microcurrent technology. I am the first in the Middle East to be fully trained and equipped with the world’s number one microcurrent machine, the Neurotris SX-4500. Today microcurrent is used by many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Hailey Beiber and Jennifer Aniston as a staple in their skin care regime.

My research in the science of skin took me to Russia where I studied the revered Buccal massage technique under the guidance of the founder of this Intra-oral treatment. I have since perfected manual massage and manipulation of facial muscles and developed my own signature movements targeted to my client’s individual conditions and concerns. Today, buccal is one of our most popular anti-aging treatments boasting no downtime and instant and cumulative results.

Sharing my proven formulas and trusted expertise, I have collaborated with various beauty companies and spas in the Middle East on training staff and educate beauty experts. I continue to be the region’s leading authority on microcurrent and buccal massage.

Balancing holistic and high-tech beauty treatments, my popular advanced treatments include microcurrent, Cool Lifting oxygen therapy, LED light therapy, ultrasonic devices, and biobrasion techniques. My techniques are incorporated in targeted treatments to address a variety of skin concerns which are tailored to my clients individually.

I am continually researching the latest proven technologies, ingredients, and treatments to deliver the best for my clients, and I am very selective on the brands which I support. I have had success in treating a range of skin conditions using DMK Paramedical and Botanical skincare line from Los Angeles and offer a range of at home and in spa treatments to ensure your skin glows with health.

Skin care is not just my career, it’s my obsession and my passion. My interest in skin care developed through my own struggles with my skin when I was 17, and I decided to make it my mission to restore health and vibrance to every client that walks through my door.

I teach my clients and train my staff a holistic approach towards skin care, such that beautiful skin begins from within. Hormones, genetics, diet and environmental factors such as pollution and stress all play a role in our skin condition. My goal is to enhance your beauty and skin health without invasive procedures. Every one of my clients receive only the best guidance in caring for their skin and I welcome you to try our services at Orskin Aesthetics to begin your journey towards radiant beauty and undeniable results.


We will get you in shape!

Welcome! My name is Dory, 10 years experience licensed EMS Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer.

I am a certified fitness instructor, ems, trx, ko8 and personal trainer. With my 10 years of experience in ems industry I can proudly say that we are the most experienced ems studio in UAE.

My mission is to help ladies in Dubai transform their body and to educate them how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I continue to learn and improve my skills to provide my clients the best, providing the most up-to-date workout techniques and nutrition trends. 

Following my passion to help ladies be in the best look of their life, I am willing to provide exclusive, unique workout methods tailored to each individual with different body needs and characteristics.

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