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Living Libations Frankincense Honey Mask (30ml)

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The skin smoothing and soothing Frankincense Honey Mask combines the healing power of rich, golden honey with the sacred nourishment of frankincense, immortelle and cape chamomile.

Organic and wild-sourced, this nutritious elixir infuses the face with antioxidants, nourishment and free radical-fighting compounds.

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Wildflower Honey, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense), Eriocephalus punctulatus (Cape Chamomile), and Helichrysum italicum (Immortelle).

When hydrating honey is combined with fortifying Frankincense, calming Cape Chamomile and replenishing Immortelle, you get a honey-dream of perfectly smooth skin. Let our Frankincense Honey Mask inspire the graceful renewal of your face.

  • Gently apply all over the face and neck for a nourishing mask,
  • let it infuse the skin for 5 to 15 minutes,
  • rinse with warm water.

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